Suzanne, Outfitters Mall
Why hello there!

Welcome to Outfitters Mall! My name’s Suzanne and I’ll be your host. I’m here to bring you my latest shopping discoveries with my curated list of what’s hot right now. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions, kitchen appliances, or anything for your home and garden, here’s where it’s at.

Running this site is my side hobby as I’m currently trying to learn as much about website design and marketing as I can.

It’s my husband’s and my dream to run a fishing lodge on the ocean. He’ll be the fishing guide, and handyman, and I’ll be the massage therapist and cook. I also plan to do all of our marketing, and I thought I better start learning now with getting comfortable with running my own site first!

During the day I am an RMT and enjoy helping rehabilitate clients. I have a lot of friendly clients and coworkers and I love the freedom that being a massage therapist offers me. I get to only work 3 days a week which is pretty sweet, but they are long days! Sometimes I’m doing up to 6 massages a day which can get pretty tiring, but it’s very rewarding work.

When I’m not working or learning more about marketing, I’m spending time with my husband, Ron. We enjoy fishing, cooking, and taking our Bernese mountain dog, Kylo for walks at the river. Prawns, scallops, salmon, steak and baked potatoes are our favorite things to cook for dinner.

My husband’s a big rock hound as well and always seems to bring home some cool looking rocks while we’re there. I never seem to find any thought, ha!

We live near the coast so we try to visit the Pacific Ocean as much as possible. We just love being near the water whether it’s the lake, river, or ocean. It’s our happy place. We couldn’t imagine not living near the water, as it’s definitely a part of us.

We’re very outdoorsy, so I’ve gotten pretty good at the game of online shopping. I’d much rather online shop than spend my weekends fighting traffic and people at the stores, especially during the busy holiday season. Being able to shop online really frees up our time. I get our groceries, clothes, household staples and fishing gear all online.

I hope you find something you love on my site for your house or favorite hobby. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my site!